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Here is a partial reference list of current users worldwide:


A-1 Tool Corporation
Aalbers Tool & Mold Inc.
Active - Burgess Mold & Design
Aldeghi Elio & C.SNC
Arlen Tool Company LTD.
A-Tech Mold Co. LTD.
AWC Mold Company
Briadco Tool & Mould
British Aerospace
Build - A - Mold LTD.
Buiter Tool & Die Inc.
CAMmand Machining LLC
Canada Mold Technology Inc.
Canadatum Moulds LTD.
Carlyn Manufacturing
CasTech Inc.
CDM Tool and Manufacturing
Centerline (Windsor) Ltd.
Commercial Tool Group
Concours Mold Inc.
Cropelli S.r.l
Delta Tecnologies Inc.
Denken Tooling Center
Dixon Tool Company
Exco Engineering
Fabriform Company
FGL Precision Works LTD.
Fischer Tool & Die Corp.
Formaplex Machining LTD.
Franchino Mold and Engineering Company
G.A.L.L.E Mould Engineering
Garrtech Inc
General Die and Engineering
General Motors Corp.
GH Tool & Mold Inc.
Gifu Seiki Co. LTD.
Haier Co. LTD.
HCM Stampi S.p.A
Heck & Becker GmbH & Co. KG
Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering Inc.
Honda Engineering Co., LTD.
HS Die and Engineering
Ilma Plastica Srl.
Integrity Tool and Mold
IPH (Werkzeugbau Leimbach GmbH)
JY Solutec Co. LTD.
K. Simke Gundrilling
Kehl Tools LTD.
King Industrial Corp.
Kyowa Industrial Co. LTD.
Ladish Co. Inc.
Lamko Tool & Mould Inc.
LS Mold, Inc.
M2M International LTD.
Mac-Mold Base Inc.
Master Machine (Windsor) LTD.
Mayson Machining LTD.
Metrican Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Model Die & Mold Inc.
Modelleria Piva S.r.l
MSI Mold Builders
MSI Mold Services
International Inc.
Murdter Werkzeug-und Formenbau Gmbh
Nara Mold & Die
NeoVision Technology Inc.
Omega Tool Corporation
P.E.T.S Inc.
Paragon Die and Engineering Co.
Philips Tool & Mold LTD.
Plastic Mold Technology
Polyshot Corporation
Proper Mold & Engineering Inc.
Prospect Mold & Die Co.
R&R Tool & Mold Inc.
Rapid Die & Engineering
Redoe Mold Company LTD.
Reko International Group Inc.
Richard Tool & Die
Sanvito & Somaschini S.p.A
Simoldes Group
Synergies Corp.
Tatematsu Mold Works Co. LTD.
Toyota Motors Corporation
Valiant Tool & Mold Inc.
Strohwig Industries
Wersoma GmbH
Windsor Precision Gundrilling
Zimmermann Formenbau GmbH